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Nora's News ~ Summer 2007


Hark! My HERALD angel sang
John Herald 1939 - 2005

Photo by Bibyana Huang Matheis

I've been remembering the time I saw Johnny Herald at Max's Kansas City. It must have been in the late 60's... I remember because I was under age! I had to sneak in with Livia Drapkin (now Vanaver) to see his show. I was so blown away! Honestly - I've had a schoolgirl crush on him ever since!! He was my IT guy. The coolest, the most beautiful, his voice and energy just took a hold of me. A hold that has lasted all these years.

I had met a lot of "cool" guys in my youth, so many of them showing up at our house to play music with and for my dad. But Johnny was the one for me..... "Johnny was MY darling".

In 1996, I was at the Folk Alliance in Washington. Johnny was there and we made a plan to meet at the bar down in the lobby at 6:00. We had arranged to meet at certain seats. When I went to meet him, there was another man sitting in the seat! I knew he was a journalist from Germany. We chatted for awhile and I told him I was waiting for Johnny. When he arrived, I must admit I was a little disturbed that this German guy didn't leave! Johnny sweetly pulled up another stool and we three sat there for hours talking - about his childhood, his family, his music, thoughts. Everything. I thought - "Man. This German guy is privey to something real special here!" When I went to bed that night, I had a dream about Johnny all dressed up in a handsome grey pin stripped suit, going about directing all kinds of events.

Well folks, long story short - I ended up MARRYING that German guy, Michael Kleff!

We trace our love, our life together, to Johnny, our angel... who mischieveously arranged and "directed" our meeting. We always made a point of toasting Johnny to his face, which always seemed to delight him and I could see the twinkle in his eyes and the broad smile on his face when we playfully bowed down to him for bringing us together.

Hark! MY own HERALD angel truly sang....

I love him so much. He is firmly planted in my heart, in my marriage, in my life story, in everything I do with my husband. We are in our beautiful home in Bonn, Germany right now as we heard this news. With tears in our eyes, we will toast our most handsome angel.

And my husband still knows, I will ALWAYS have a crush on Johnny Herald. He even approves.

-Nora Guthrie


*For more information, please visit John's website: http://johnherald.com




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