The Woody Guthrie Sloop

The Beacon Sloop Club's pride & joy is the "WOODY GUTHRIE" ...a wooden replica of a Hudson River Ferry Sloop. These boats, styled after Dutch designs, plied the Hudson throughout the 18th & 19th centuries.

Launched in 1978, her purpose is to provide free sails to the public & introduce them to the wonders on the river. It is hoped that a new appreciation of the Hudson will be fostered & that the public will then join in the club's role as a protector of this national treasure

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In 1969 the newly built sloop 'Clearwater' first visited Beacon. A small band of local youngsters and oldsters organized a welcoming festival to support the valiant crew of the sloop and to help spread Clearwater's environmental message. Thus began the Beacon Sloop Club.

Our first meetings were held in a Main Street storefront until the City granted us the use of the old Ferry Diner at the riverfront. Over the years, volunteers have enlarged and improved the building. The spruce tree that once stood outside the diner now grows through the roof. Docks, launch ramps and a mooring tender have all been installed by volunteers. Our sailing programs have taught hundreds the art of sailing. Thousands of guests on our free sails have learned a new appreciation of the glorious Hudson River.

Our first big victory came after years of petitions and festivals. Riverfront Park was created from a former garbage dump and a raw sewage leak nearby was located and stopped. The river is now safe for swimming thanks not only to Clearwater, but to dozens of other organizations all over the country that have pressured Washington for funding of sewage treatment plants. For less than 5 cents per day from every man, woman and child in the USA we have taken giant steps toward cleaner water. There's still a big job ahead. Toxic waste in our waterways threatens our health and safety, causing cancer, birth defects, and other undesirable conditions. This little club will be part of the campaign. We welcome folks both young and old to join us. It's been quite a ride since 1969 and the best is yet to come!

- Pete Seeger and Others, BSC 1996


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