by Woody Guthrie
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Taken from newly discovered original metal masters, this special limited edition release is the first of a number of forthcoming projects on Rounder Records new Woody Guthrie Legacy imprint.

This limited edition "Suitcase Set" includes:

- A 4 Disc collection of many of Woody's best-known songs - along with traditional material and collaborations with fellow guitarist Cisco Houston and harmonica player Sonny Terry - packaged in a specially designed 7.5" x 10.5" vintage suitcase.

- A full-color 64 page book with extensive notes by Woody Guthrie biographer, Ed Cray and Rounder Records co-founder Bill Nowlin.

- Rare and previously unpublished photos, illustrations and illuminated lyric sheets from the Woody Guthrie Archives.

- Reproductions of: Woody's KFVD radio station business card, a Florida postcard from Woody written in 1951, a People's Artists Booking notice from 1947.

* Each CD is also available as a vinyl LP for a limited time.

* Read the 5 STAR review from Rolling Stone Magazine!


"I remember first hearing these recordings about two years ago. Michael Creamer called and told me the incredible story of their discovery - in Brooklyn no less! Well, my curiosity was awfully peaked and I couldn't wait to have a listen.

My first impression was. Wow! Just the fact that I could hear the music so clearly was 'wow' enough! But then, this soft flow of old feelings followed, as I heard my father's voice start to fill the room and I absolutely remembered it, and then he was right there with me. Wow. And then I heard and remembered Cisco, and Sonny, as if they were sitting right there on the orange couch in our living room. I'm sitting there too, watching old friends comfortably watching each other, easily playing along together. There they are. Wow.

These recordings are treasures. To sit and listen, is to sit with Woody and his crew. And you become a part of that crew, and you hear how they listen to each other's voices, how they lean in to connect their rhythms and harmonies. It's achingly human, simple and direct yet full of spirited words and ideas. You can hear so much; the man, his friends, his words, his times, his passions, his angers, his family, his government, his home, his road.

It's very, very strange. The more time goes by, the clearer Woody's voice gets."



1 This Land Is Your Land 02:44
2 Going Down the Road (I Ain't Gonna Be Treated This Way) 02:56
3 Talking Sailor 03:06
4 Philadelphia Lawyer 02:32
5 Hard Travelin' 02:38
6 Jesus Christ 02:41
7 The Sinking of the Reuben James 03:25
8 Pretty Boy Floyd 03:06
9 Grand Coulee Dam 02:09
10 Nine Hundred Miles 02:51
11 Going Down the Road (I Ain't Gonna Be Treated This Way) 2 02:57
12 My Daddy (Flies a Ship in the Sky) 02:33
13 Bad Repetation 02:50
1 Poor Boy 02:26
2 Worried Man Blues 02:01
3 A Picture From Life's Other Side 03:05
4 Buffalo Skinners 03:20
5 Hard Ain't It Hard 02:40
6 Stewball 03:27
7 Stackolee 03:01
8 Gypsy Davy 02:49
9 Little Darling Pal of Mine 02:54
10 What Did the Deep Sea Say? 02:59
11 Chisholm Trail 02:36
12 Put My Little Shoes Away 02:49
13 Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone? 02:33
14 John Henry 02:39
1 I'm Gonna Join That One Big Union (You Gotta Go Down and Join the Union) 02:29
2 Hangnot, Slipnot 02:32
3 Gonna Roll the Union On 02:37
4 The Ludlow Massacre 03:32
5 Sally Don't You Grieve 02:23
6 Harriet Tubman's Ballad part 1 03:24
7 Harriet Tubman's Ballad part 2 03:09
8 Tear the Facists Down 02:05
9 When The Yanks Go Marching In 02:42
10 You Can Hear My Whistle Blow 02:23
11 Union Burying Ground 03:05
12 You Gotta Go Down and Join the Union 02:43


1 Train Breakdown 02:31
2 Do You Ever Think Of Me (aka At My Window) 03:05
3 Guitar Rag 02:19
4 Square Dance Medley 03:50
5 Guitar Breakdown 02:20
6 Raincrow Bill 02:36
7 Ain't Nobody's Business 02:42
8 Stepstone 02:52
9 Ezekiel Saw the Wheel 02:42
10 Bile Them Cabbage Down 02:46
11 Danville Girl 03:42
12 Guitar Blues 02:55
13 Brown's Ferry Blues 02:45
14 More Pretty Girls Than One 02:16
15 Sonny's Flight 02:57


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