My Dolly, Bling Blang, and Howdi Do
by Woody Guthrie, illustrations by Vladimir Radunsky
My Dolly ~ Available at the Woody Guthrie Store

Hello Dolly cover

Bling Blang cover Howdi Do cover

Candlewick Press published a new series of Woody's songs written especially for the littlest fans.  The series, geared for ages 3 - 5 and illustrated by Russian born artist Vladimir Radunsky, includes favorites "Howdi Do", "Bling Blang" and "My Dolly".  The illustrations are bright, bold and playful with recognizable characters appearing in all three books.

Woody always believed that the kids had more to teach us adults than we had to teach them!  Whether it was showing us all the ways to say "hello" to our neighbors in "Howdi Do", or how to build from our imaginations in "Bling Blang", or how to act just plain goofy and pretend in "My Dolly", Woody's lyrics bring out the best in us all.  Evidently, as his artwork reveals, Vladimir Radunsky agrees whole heartedly!

This is a refreshing collaboration of two similar souls, fathers both!

Lyrics and musical notation are included on the inside of each jacket cover.  A free CD of all three songs performed by the magnificent Band of Weeds, led by Kurt Hoffman, is included in "Howdi Do".

Vladimir Radunsky was born in the Ural Mountains of Russia.  When he was still a relatively young man (1982), he migrated to the United States.  Since then he has illustrated many books for children, including The Maestro Plays by Bill Martin, Jr., Ucka Drucka Droni, translated by his wife, Eugenia, An Edward Lear Alphabet and Discovery by Joseph Brodsky.   The nursery songs of Woody Guthrie appealed to him in part because they reminded him of the songs he loved as a child growing up in Russia.


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