Woody Guthrie High School Lesson Plan

The lesson plans based on Woody Guthrie singles recorded by the Navajo punk band Blackfire were designed by educator Sophi Hronopoulos.

A result of her passion for creating interactive and communicative-based authentic materials for classroom use, the language tasks that accompany "Mean Things Happenin' In This World" and "Indian Corn Song" focus on improving all four macro skills even as they encourage discussion and awareness of critical social issues.

Currently an educator at Obirin University and Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo, Japan, Sophi's lesson were originally conceived for intermediate and advanced university students studying English as a foreign language (EFL); they are equally applicable to language arts, popular culture studies, or in other non-EFL classroom settings.

Mean Things Happenin' In This World Lesson (PDF - 185KB)

Corn Song Lesson (PDF - 961KB - Large)



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