Wimmen's Hats
Words by Woody Guthrie, Music by Del McCoury
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Ain't knockin’ on our women folk
I love them good as you
But women is mighty funny
And we all know that is true

It's riding on the subway train
Or walking along the streets
These things that women wear for hats
Has really got me beat.

Some wind around like Serpents
Some looks like ice cream cones
Some look like victory gardens
A growing on their dome

Some look like grocery baskets
And some like paper sacks
I cain't tell if she's going out
Or just a coming back.

One will have a feather
Ten feet in the sky
With twenty yards of fishing net
That falls into her eyes

A half a dozen mouse traps
Just above her ear
And nineteen yards of boat sail
A flying in the rear.

I set down on a curb stone
And I made this little song
You know that I'm right
But I could be partly wrong

We love our women tenderly
And weakness we all got that
But you can sell a woman any old thing.....
If you tell her it's a hat.

© Copyright 1961 (Renewed), 2015 Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc./TRO-Ludlow Music, Inc. & McCoury Music (BMI)
(Derivative of "Ladies Auxiliary")

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