When My Fight For Life Is Over
Words by Woody Guthrie, Additional Words & Music by John McCutcheon
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When my fight for life is over
And my eyes do shine no more
And a tribe of angels carry me
Across that distant shore
As my friends all gather ‘round me
May there be no misty tears
Let the fiddles and the guitars ring
Across the pounding years

There’ll be singing
There’ll be shouting
There’ll be dancing
There’ll be drums
And we will have a picnic
Baby, come! Come! Come!

Take my body to the furnace
Give my heart back to the flames
Give my blood to flow where lovers meet
And whisper freedom’s name
Give my breath to those who speak of life
In holy, laughing tones
Feed my spirit to the waters
And the earth can eat my bones

Yes, when my fight for life is over
And my tongue is finally still
May the breezes bear my ashes
Like they did for old Joe Hill
My sweat can grease the engines
That makes the whole thing run
And the ruling class can kiss my ass
‘Cause I had a heap of fun

© Copyright 2017 by Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc.(BMI) & Appalseed Music (ASCAP).
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