Talking Empty Bed Blues
Words by Woody Guthrie, Music by Yim Yames
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My neighbors all see me stumblin’ home;
They c’n see there’s somethin’ perty bad wrong;
They hear me singin’ th’ wrong kinda song;
Just ‘cause my bed’s been empty too long.

My birds sing loud ‘cause I told them all
To get on th’ beam and git on th’ ball
And ta bring you here so’s I c’n rest my head
And t’ warm my old empty bed

This empty bed of mine is my worst curse;
It hurts you a little and it hurts me worse;
It hurts the vine that climbs my post;
But my empty bed hurts me the most.

I’ma prayin’ anda prayin’ perty soon your head
Will come andput an end to my empty old bed;
Ifya don’t come soon I’m apt ta be dead;
Or just’s god’s dead, my empty old bed.

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