San Antone Meat House
Words by Woody Guthrie, Music by Jay Farrar & Anders Parker
Contact Publisher - Woody Guthrie Publications/BMG Chrysalis

I work in this meat house in San Antone
You call that Rising Sun
It’s been the graveyard for plenty good people
And I’m just another one. And I’m just another one.

Everybody here stays drunk for 24 hourss
Of every new day that dawns
I see more whiskey bottles than I ever see sunshine
In this old San Antonyo Rising Sun. In this old San Antonyo Rising Sun.

Take my word good sinner don’t come here for pleasure
For pleasure here I find none;
I giggle for nickles and laff for a dollar
In this meatblock of old San Antone.

You get drunk to come here (I stay drunk to stay here);
I forget you the minute you’re gone;
You can’t quite remember how terrible I look
In my meat house in Sanny Antonne.

Most guys like you find a different house each time;
You can’t stand too trips to this one;
It’s worse here than in jail or prison
In this Meat House in Sann Antone.

There’s only two things in this sad world I need,
My longneck bottle and my spade;
My longneck bottle I will burn out my body
And my spade will dig my grave.

Goodbye & Farewell to all that you saw me;
Nobody knew me all my life long;
Nobody ever touched me, nodody ever loved me
In my Meat House in old Sann Anntone.

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