Peace Town
Words by Woody Guthrie, Music by Jimmy LaFave
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I’ve heard of your city called the Peace town
I’ve heard of your house and your street
I swear that I’ll walk till I get there
That name on my ear sounds so sweet.
     I swear that I’ll search till I find it
     I promise I’ll hunt till I fall
     Of all the lost cities around me
     Peace Town is the one I love most of all.

I hear my friends talk about Peacetown
How you sing and you dance in your streets
How souls that love peace want to meet there
I’ll be there if I walk off my feet.
     I may have to travel this world over
     Climb mountains, cross deserts and seas
     No matter how sickly I tremble and fall
     I’ll come to your sweet town of Peace.

Don’t say that I can’t see old Peace Town
Don’t tell me I can’t make this trip
I’ll hold up my thumb on life’s highway
I’ll come there by plane, train and ship.
     I’ll come in by canes and by crutches
     I’ll come in by feet blistered sore
     I’ll not stop to rest till I get there
     To go back to War City no more.

© Copyright Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc. & Night Tribe Music (SESAC)

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