Orange Blossom Ring
Words by Woody Guthrie, 1953, Music by Frank London (The Klezmatics), 2006
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I loved a man so kind and sweet
And every night we used to meet
He gave to me my orange blossom ring.
He got in trouble down in town
The deputy sheriff shot him down
I wore his golden orange blossom ring.

'Twas on the night we were to wed
I got the news that he was dead
I thought of his orange blossom ring.
I drove to the place where he did lay
The last word that I heard him say
O' put away that orange blossom ring.

I would not have you live a life
Of loneliness and tears and strife
So put away my orange blossom ring.
Just because I'm dead and gone
I would not see you live alone
And dwell alone with an orange blossom ring.

Another lover I did meet
We're married now with children sweet
He gave to me an orange blossom ring.
Down through these years that we've been wed
I've never to my husband said
This is my second orange blossom ring.

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