On The High Lonesome
Words by Woody Guthrie, text edit by Nora Guthrie, Music by Rob Wasserman and Chris Whitley
Excerpts from On The High Lonesome, 12/27/1943
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Sometimes, just sometimes,
I seem to get on the high lonesome and if you don't
Know what that old high lonesome is
Just take my advice
Don't ever get on it.

High lonesome eats at you
All the time
All the time
The old high lonesome
Eats at you all the time

Now living with a woman
Can nags at you all the time
We keep tossing
It back and forth
Back and forth
Me one night
With the high lonesome
Her the next
With the high lonesome

I always wondered what
The high lonesome was
Till it caught me up side of the head then I knew
Then I knew

How does the high
Lonesome work :
Well I tell you
When she gets to wanting to make love to me then I get sore
Then when I want to hug her up a little
She's gets a sore at me
When one of us felt like loving it up a little
It made the
Other one sore.

Now this is called getting
Hung up
Between a rock and a hard place

When I do she dont
When she will I wont
When I can she cant
When I shall she shan't
It makes one
Sore as hell if the other one don't
You know what I'm talking about
Just a hell of a dam shape,
And the way you feel
Is like you're on
High lonesome.

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