Old Cap Moore
Words by Woody Guthrie, Music by John McCutcheon
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Old Cap Moore was a bakery hand, loaded trucks at night
The hungry cries of the alley kids, made Old Cap close his eyes
He turned his back while the kids ran up, grabbed a good hot loaf of bread
The kids run home, but when payday come Cap Moore was in the red

Because the bakery boss did count the loss, and he wrote it in his book
He docked Old Cap full retail price, for the bread the kids had took
Old Cap he jammed the backdoor latch, sSo the door did fly unlocked
The hungry kids picked up that bread for ten or twenty blocks

Mister, I’m a-tellin’ you
Everything I’ve said is true
No alley kid had a friend as sure
As Old Cap Moore

That boss took the driver and Cap to court, but he could not make it stick
The driver swore, “I did not know those doors had come unhitched.”
Old Cap says, “Boss, I’m a quitting you, and I am quitting now
I’ve got friends to put me up in every house in town.”

Mister, I’m a-tellin’ you
What the old man said was true
It’s an open hand and an open door
For Old Cap Moore

Mister, I’m tellin’ you
One thing I know is true
To even the score we need a whole lot more
Like Old Cap Moore

© Copyright 2004 by Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc. & Appalsongs
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