It Takes A Married Man
Words by Woody Guthrie
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Well you single boys can ramble, you single boys can roam,
but it takes a married man, boys, to sing a worried song.

It was once I used to ramble, and I sung a single song,
But it's now that I am married, boys, I had to change my tune.

I was rough and I was rowdy when I led a single life
But I got to take it easy since I got myself a wife.

I have got six little children to feed and educate
And it's really got me thinking, not a nickel on the place.

I am very happy married and I got to save my dough
we have got six children and expecting several more,

Yes we got six children, and expecting several more
Kids run out like cattle when you open up the door.

Yes you single boys can ramble and can lead a rowdy life
But you'll have to take it easy when you get yourself a wife

You will have a flock of children and have others coming on
It takes a married man, boys, to sing a worried song.

I'm a married man, I sing a worried song.

© Copyright 1988 by Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc.
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