Hoecake Fritters
Words by Woody Guthrie, Music by Del McCoury
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Co’n Likker, Co’n Likker,
Down in th’ Holler
Bust you a jug
Fer a Bucker and a Quarter.

Greenbacka  greenbacka
Greybacka doller
Gally won't you come
An’ I ain'ta gonna caller.

Hoe Cake a Hoe Cake,
Hoe Cake Fritters
Sweet milk, ‘lasses,
Onions, butter.

Johnny throwed an oak ball
Hittin’ at Davie
Broke outta winder glass
Hit in mamma's gravy.

Davie, Davie,
Pore little Davie,
Got choked down
On Chicken an’ Gravey.


Out in th’ west
Where th’ hills gits bigger
I use to dance
An’ I cut quite a figure.

Ought's an ought
Figger is a figger
Banker got my place
An’ I got th’ Chiggers.


I aint no cow'rd
Well, I ain't no quitter
But I cain't live
On Hoe Cake Fritters.

I got wives an’ kids
An’ I got quite a litter
Starvin’ slow ta death
Eatin’ Hoe Cake Fritters.

Hoe cake a hoe cake
Hoe cake a fritters
Dyin’ like flies
Eatin’ Hoe Cake a Fritters.

© Copyright 1995, 2015 Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc./ TRO-Ludlow Music, Inc. & McCoury Music (BMI)
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