Gypsy's Fortune
Words by Woody Guthrie, Music by Bill Vanaver
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On one dark and stormy midnight
when the wind and snow did blow,
came a fair and tremulous maiden
to a gypsy's cottage door.

"Can you tell me, can you tell me
If the one I love is true?"
"Take this fortune from a gypsy,
He will bid you sad adieu."

"Tell me, does he love another?
Does he love one else than me?"
"No, he loves you but must leave you.
He will bid you sad adieu."

"When will come my time for parting
In this northern-southern war?"
"Let it grieve you none to leave him,
Though you see him nevermore."

"Will I learn to love another,
Will my heart so happy be?"
"Oh don't let this parting wreck you,
Happy married you will be."

Life is sometimes strange arranged,
Sometimes hard to understand.
Listen to my gypsy's fortune,
You'll be happy in the end.

© Copyright Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc.
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