Go Back & Try
Words by Woody Guthrie, Music by Corey Harris
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One more time
I’ma gonna go back an try;
Gonna go back an’ try just one more time.

All you people shakin' your heads,
Gonna go back and try git outta my bed,
Gonna go back an’ try, try one more time.
I’ll make you laff, I'll make you blue,
Shinin' up my floshime shoes;
See Martha walk around my bedside one more time.

Come along Marthy, hold my hand,
Hug an’ kiss your natural man,
I’m walkin’ out onna great big bookintour one more time.
I’ll brush my suit and cock my hat,
Take my Stella in my hand;
Gonna travel 'round my country one more time.

Goodbye Broadway Hello France
I'm tappin' for you my muddywater dance
Playin' for you my slideyfinger blues one more time.
I’ma gonna boogit from town to town;
When you honeydrinkers gang aroun’
Gals, I'll sing that cyclone down just one more time.

Good mornin' blues, how are you today;
Caint you hear me callin' you just one more time?
Mister Lomax, Alan, too,
I’ll jig in every jail I know
I’ll sing my way outta two more prisons one more time.

Back t' th’ muddybottom greencorn field,
Back where th’ boll weevil kisst his darlin
You can bringa little water to Sylvye one more time.
Back t' th' gallyhouse drummin joints
Back t’ th’ boogyhouse jookin joint
Sing and play in my long trousers one more time.

I’m gonna wheel back, I’m gonna see paw an' maw
Down ‘roun' Mooresport, Louisianna,
I’m runnin barefooted chasin that bullfrog one more time.
I’m helpin Momma, digga great big ‘tater
Showin Daddy how I cut my capers;
Singin louder than th’ bull alligator one more time.

I’m stirrin up some stormy floodclouds
I’m singin straddlin’ th' slickery mudcat,
Huggin anda kissin you, sweet little Martha, one more time.
One more time baby you gonna be my wife
Tellin the whole world you're half my life;
Holdin your hand like the day I met you one more time.

*The recorded version of this song has not yet been released.

© Copyright 2003 Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc.