Give Me A Nail
Words by Woody Guthrie, Music by Billy Bragg
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Give me a nail and I’ll nail it;
Give me a ship and I’ll sail it;
Give me a bugle and I’ll toot it;
Give me a gun and I’ll shoot it;

Give me the work and I’ll do it;
Give me the stew and I’ll stew it;
Give me the bell and I’ll ring it;
Give me the song and I’ll sing it!

Give me the words and I’ll talk ‘em;
Give me the miles an’ I’ll walk ‘em;
Give me the crop and I’ll grow it;
Give a row and I’ll hoe it!

Give me a life and I’ll live it;
Give me a life and I’ll give it;
Give me a war and I’m in it;
Give me a world and I’ll win it!

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