From Here On In
Words by Woody Guthrie, 1946, Music and Additional Lyrics by Lisa Gutkin (The Klezmatics), 2003
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I'll take one road
from here on in.
From here on in
I'll take one street,
from here on in
I'll take one trail,
one walk, one lane
From here on in

I'll climb one hill,
up a mountain side,
through a pasture green
through a vineyard wide.
I'll swim the sea,
tread the sandy shore.
I'll take one gate,
one arch, one door.

I'll wade one river,
one little creek, one stream.
I'll cross one valley,
and all between.

From here on in
I'll take one road,
one walk, one lane
from here on in.

© Copyright Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc. & Quarktet Music (BMI)
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