Words by Woody Guthrie, Music by Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion
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I’m gonna tellya, gonna tell howta make a folk song;
Well babe…Uh huh
I'm a gonna show ya, gonna show ya howta make a folk song;
You just catch two perty eyes
And ya hum an’ sing all night babe;
And by the morning’s light you'll have a folk song.

I’m glad you asked me, glad you asked me howta make a folk song;
All this night we’ve got to try, and to try, oh baby, lets try;
And when the good sun rides the sky,
We'll have a folk song

Well everybody around this world they make folk songs;
All the people round this planet, they’re making folk songs;
Underneath the stars and skies they go dance and cry;
And when the rooster crows at dawn
They'll have a folk song

I’m glad, so glad
I’m glad you asked me glad you asked me how to make a folk song
Makes me feel good ta teach you ‘bout my folk song ;
You gotta work and a wiggle, google and a giggle, till we ring the big brass bell;
Every night and mornin’
You'll crave my folk song

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