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Dance A Little Longer
Words by Woody Guthrie, Music by Joel Rafael

Eats an’ drinks an’ smokes are gone,
Ice on th’steps an’ you cain’t git home;
Hang y’r things on th’ peg in th’ corner;
Giggle an’ wiggle an’ dance a little longer.

Dance aroun’, dance a little longer,
Just gotta hold you just a little longer;
Bing an’ talk, joke a little longer;
Just gotta hold you justa little longer.

Rained three days an’ th’ barditch full;
I cain’t git home, it’sa muddy old pull;
I live on toppa that bad hill yonder
That’s why I gotta dance a little longer.

Tonight’s th’ night that th’ muddy flood come,
Took my house and it tooken my barn;
Drowned my goose an’ drowned my gander,
That’s why I gotta dance a little longer.

Lightnin’ sat my place onne fire
Thunder shook down my floorin’ boards;
Wild wind come along end it stole my lumber;
That’s why I gotta dance a little longer.

I tied my ship to a downtock dock
Tidal wave run in an’ give it a knock;
It wrecked my boat an’ shivvered my timbers;
That’s why I gotta dance a little longer.

I tied my bicycle up to a post
An’ it got stole by a graveyard ghost;
He wont bring it back till you kiss my stronger;
That’s why I gotta dance a little longer.

I hadda date tonight witha gal down th’ road,
Told ‘er I’d stop off an’ dump my load;
She’s pretty pretty, but you’re lots perttyooee;
That’s why I gotta dance a little longer.


© Copyright 1965 by Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc.
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