Chorine My Sheba Queen
Words by Woody Guthrie, Music by Will Johnson
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Chorine! Chorine! Chorine!
Your eyes are like my sky
Wherever you go I want you to know
Its there my love will fly!

I miss my sweet Chorine
Most everywhere I go,
And I tell you know cause I want you to know
She’s the best I ever saw

Chorine your form’s divine,
Chorine your heart so true;
If you are lookin’ for a heart of gold,
Chorine will do, do, do.

My lovely sweet Chorine,
I love you best of all;
In early spring when Lovebirds sing
Or in the dreary fall!

Chorine! Chorine! Chorine!
Has anybody seen Chorine
She took off running like a new machine
Chorine my Sheba Queen

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