Californy Gold
Words by Woody Guthrie, Music by Del McCoury
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There's a girl living high in the city
And she's living in luxury untold
How I fell for her line ‘twas a pity
Now she's living on my Californy Gold.

Just last week I think she bought a mansion
And a coonskin coat to keep out the cold
And unless I am sadly mistaken
She bought it with my Californy Gold.

In her room by her cozy little fireside
There I whiled many happy hours so bold;
And it didn't take her long with her kisses
To set me free from my Californy Gold.

We would sit there at night on her sofa
While we many sad tales did unfold
Every word that she spoke cost me money
And I paid it with my Californy Gold.

And ‘tis now I am back in the Mountains
With my pick and my shovel in my hand
By this song you shall know what I'm doing
Oh, I'm warning, yes I'm warning every man.

There is frost on my face this fair Morning
And my little old log cabin is so cold
I would be quite a wealthy man this morning
If I'd only kept my Californy Gold.

Listen close all you men with your fortunes
Watch your step, keep your money at home
Lest you lose every cent of your bank roll
Just as I lost my Californy Gold.

© Copyright Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc. & McCoury Music (BMI)
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