Born To Win
Words by Woody Guthrie, Music by Mike Merenda
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I had my fun and my troubles
I had my hard luck and blues
Been up and been down and been sober and drunk
But I know that I'm not born to lose.

Chorus: Born to win. I know I'm born to win.
It's a funny old world that I am in.
I'll fight to change it like it ought to be.
Born to win. I know I'm born to win.

I had women all kinds and all colors
In every land where I have been
I saw all the people in trouble like me
And I know that we're not born to lose.


You robbed us and beat us and bled us.
You worked us and paid us like slaves.
I know we're all born to work and to fight
And to win or go down in our grave.


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