Blue Eyes
Words by Woody Guthrie, Music by Hans-Eckardt Wenzel
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Oh I'm thinking tonight of my Blue Eyes
As I'm sailing far over the sea;
I am thinking tonight of your Blue Eyes,
Dear, I wonder if you ever think of me.

We are sailing the greatest Destroyer,
She's as fine as a battleship can be;
Every time we have met with the enemy,
We have blasted the Fascists from the sea.

She's as mighty as the rocks in the mountain,
She's as nimble as a sea gull on the wing;
I’ll describe her and tell her glory,
But I cannot disclose her name.

When the wild ocean waves rise around us,
And her nose pointing up to the sky;
Then she slides and she glides like a racehorse,
And she'll drop the Fascists dead, by and by.

As I stand in the spray and the moonlight,
And I gaze at the waves all around;
I am anxious to meet with our enemy,
We will sink them wherever they are found.

When they taste of her shells and her powder,
Of her aircraft of planes and our bombs;
They will either go down in the ocean,
Or turn tail and go back where they're from.

Now the war clouds roll over the ocean,
And the war clouds roll around the world;
When we finish with gangsters like Hitler,
I'll come back to my true loving girl.


© Copyright Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc. & matrosenblau
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