Been Out An Ocean Trip
Words by Woody Guthrie, Music by Hans-Eckardt Wenzel
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Been out an Ocean trip
Now we're heading home
It takes a salty sailor
To sing this sailor song:

I know that in the morning
The Captain he will say
Sign your names and beat it.
And when I get my pay.

Oh the way I feel
As I go ashore
To shoot my money away!
The Lawyer takes my salary.

The preacher gets my wages
The chippies get my money
The police gets my pay check
And the Devil he gets the rest!

The bar room took me easy
The church house took me greasy
The jail house drove me crazy
And the devil he dug me grave!

The girlfriend says I love you
Just like the stars above you
Then up comes her husband
And the devil he got the leavings!

I woke up in a mudhole
With nothing in my sack
I started back to ship deck
And the devil he took me back!

Singing: Take it easy little seaman
Take it greasy seaman
Take it slow and easy
And the devil will follow you home!


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