Ain'ta Gonna Grieve
Words by Woody Guthrie, Music by Jeff Tweedy & Jay Bennett
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I long to fly away to heaven
Pass beyond that shining door
See my master and my savior
High away to heaven soar

I have made myself my promise
Never again to grieve my lord
I will live his gospel story
Sweetest story ever told

Ain’ta gonna grieve my lord no more
Ain’ta gonna grieve my lord no more
Ain’ta gonna grieve my lord any more, not any more.

Guess I’ve lived my life in blindness
I have lived a life of wrong
Now my heart runs full with gladness
Singing out my gospel song

Many a faith’s too easy shaken
Many a heart too full of fear
Many an eye is too mistaken
Grievous to my savior dear


Make today this golden promise
Make this vow forever more
Live the story and the glory
Dwell in peace forever more

Make today this one agreement
Change my thoughts from greed to love
Enter soft into my chamber
Pray for light to show me through


© Copyright Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc.(BMI), Warner-Tamerland Publishing Corp./Words Ampersand Music (BMI) & You Want A Piece Of This Music (ASCAP)
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